Wednesday, December 2, 2015

4th Grade ELA Collaborating with 7th Grade ELA

So today was the day myself, a 4th Grade Teacher, a Middle School Digital Learning Coach, a 7th Grade Teacher and many students had been waiting for! The two teachers have really gifted students in which they are constantly looking for ways to challenge them. Today, our 4th Grade students shared their expository writing selection with 7th Grade students and boy was it awesome! It started with students writing their expository piece in Google Docs and sharing it with the other campus. The Digital Learning Coach at the other campus,  as well as their teacher, set it up to where two of their students shared a Chromebook, and would leave peer feedback on the 4th Graders' work. For today's task, the 4th Graders were only to view the peer feedback but not yet respond. What surprised me was the fact that our 4th Graders took the 7th Graders' feedback to heart! The last two pictures show a 4th Grader writing down the suggestions that the 7th Graders made (which was to use "stronger words"). In return that 4th Grade student wrote down the words that were highlighted and went to a thesaurus to look for other words to use! So many good things going on with this class! They are definitely looking forward to working together with their new 7th grade friends in the future!!