Monday, March 21, 2016

5th Grade Science Review via @quizizz

Let's step back a year ago. A year ago around this time, students and teachers were preparing for their annual state assessment test. To be honest, it was pretty difficult for me to find ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Flash forward to this year, we have found some incredible tools to help students (and teachers!) check for understanding. One of these tools is Quizizz. Quizizz lets you run fun formative assessment quizzes for students. One major thing that I like about this tool is its ability to be used at home. The week before Spring Break, we gave students access codes in which they could run the quiz / reviews from home. These reviews consisted of 3 groups of 50 questions- yes I know that is quite a lot! However, I made a deal with the 5th graders that whoever gets above 95% on them will earn a Milk Shake from Chic Fil A! I am looking forward to looking at the data!

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