Monday, December 8, 2014

A FLIPPING Great Way to Enhance Math Skills!

One of my 4th Grade teachers is in the process of adding a new station for her centers. While planning this particular station, we talked about the need to identify how to reach students who are low in various areas. One of the stations we have planned out was a "Self Learning" station. It really isn't called that, but basically that is how it works. Twice a week, my teacher records a strategy on how to solve a problem via the iPad. She breaks it down step-by-step just as if she was teaching it to her class. Once she is done recording it in Explain Everything, she then exports it into Google Drive in which I then grab the link so that I can embed it. The teacher also writes out two similar problems so that the student can go back and work out using the same strategies as they had seen on the video. The goal of this center is for students to be able to learn at their own pace and master things that they had missed before.

Here is a sample of how the station works:

Student watch a tutorial like shown in link below:
Click this link to view the tutorial.

Student then tries to work a similar math problem:
Click here to view math problem

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