Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let It Go!

So within the next few days I am planning on rolling out 100 iPads to our campus. As crazy as it seems, I have had a very tough time "letting them go." I am nervous, excited, and confident about my staff using them on their own. One of the things that I have been working on these past few weeks is planning. As previous posts explain, I normally just create lessons "on the fly." However, that's not really building the teacher's ability to gain confidence using technology on their own. Today I had 6 planning meetings which was the first time I had ever had that many in one day! Each teacher was excited about bringing ideas to the table in return boosted my confidence in their ability to "take it and run with it."

These past two days my 2nd Grade Teacher asked me for a class set of iPads so that he could do an assignment on his own. We honestly didnt plan it out, so it didnt go too well with the students because of minor tech issues. However, after school we talked about what went wrong and how we could tweak a few things in order to make it a success for the next day. Sure enough, my teacher knocked it out of the park with his lesson! The crazy thing is that he was doing the screencast a totally different way than I would normally do it but the kids really enjoyed his way too! Typically when I do a screencast, I have the students work out the problem as they are recording it. However, he had the Ss create a new slide for each step- when they were done, they would go back and record each slide. Different? Yes! Kids engaged? ABSOLUTELY! 

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