Friday, November 6, 2015

5th Grade Poetry Celebrations!

Wow! 5th grade has really been on a roll this week! 5th Grade ELA is wrapping up their poetry unit this week was concluding the week by having a “Poetry Celebration.” However, instead of a typical celebration in which a student just reads their poem to the class, this teacher wanted to incorporate technology into her lesson! For this activity, students wrote their “favorite poem” into Google Docs. Immediately they shared it with the teacher so she could have editing rights. Once they were done, students took a screen shot of their poem and uploaded it into SeeSaw. Once it was in SeeSaw, students were to leave feedback on their peers’ work! Granted, this was their first time to leave peer feedback on a person’s work so it was a little bit awkward. However, once the teacher approved the comments students immediately started leaving more feedback on many different students’ work! I am so proud of this teacher and her students!!

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