Sunday, November 8, 2015

Number Sentences Using Number line App

This past week two second grade teachers that I work with told me that they want to use more technology in stations. We have been trying a few things but they really didnt "stick." In planning, these teachers told me that they were using an "open number line" to solve addition, subtraction, and now multi-step problems. Immediately I suggested that they use the "Number Line" app. To be honest, this app always intimated me for some reason! There are a lot of components to the app, however it was always a turn of to me. However, this year it was going to be a different story! The teachers wanted to use it with their students so I was determined to learn it!

Before we rolled out any math problems with the students, we gave them 5 minutes to explore the app all on their own. Trust me, if you saw the interface of the app, there are a lot of buttons that you can press to do different things! We wanted students to see what everything did! I think this really paid off because once the teacher rolled out the problems, the thirst for curiosity was minimal. Here are a few pictures of the activity that we did. (Number Sentences using Addition.)

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