Thursday, February 18, 2016

2-D shapes = App Smashing Opportunity!

Working with 1st Graders is so much fun! They arent afraid to mess up and fail! I think us as adults can learn a thing or two from them!!. The past few weeks, 1st Grade has been covering shapes / 2-Demensional objects. One app that our 1st Grade teachers have really come to like is "GeoBoard." If you remember back in the day, we had a board with pegs on it. On these pegs, we would attach rubber bands to it to make shapes. Well, GeoBoard is a really fun app and is a lot less painful!! The goal for the students was to make various types of shapes. Once they made these shapes, they were to take a screen shot of it and smash it into Pic Collage. Once in Pic Collage, students would have to label and identify what the shape was. It sounds like an easy task, but students had to accomplish a lot of little steps in order to make the project meet the teacher's expectations!! Once they were done, they uploaded it into SeeSaw. Great job 1st Grade!!

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