Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cause and Effect Using Google Classroom

It's always a treat when my 4th Grade Teacher and her students learn a new digital tool! Prior to today, when a student was done with their Google Doc, they would either screen-shot it and upload it to SeeSaw or share in with their teacher via Google Docs. Google Docs was a great idea, however over time, her Google Drive would get extremely unorganized with all of the files that were shared. Today, we introduced Google Classroom to her 4th Graders. To be upfront, Google Classroom on the iPad isnt the most convenient way of going about it, but her kids are rock-stars and were able to figure out how to use Classroom and Docs together within minutes!

For this activity, the class was studying Cause and Effect. The students were given articles via Google Drive to access. They were given about 7 minutes to read the articles and then respond to a question or two in Classroom. Once students were done, they submitted their work and awaited their teacher's feedback. Students were totally engaged in the activity and actually asked to have homework so that they could access it from home!! Now that's a good problem to have!!

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