Thursday, October 23, 2014

There's a FIRST time for everything!

As you might have already known from previous posts- I have a tendency to come up with ideas at the last minute and share them with the teacher on a last minute notice. I have been getting better with that, but there are sometimes that I cannot help it! Yesterday was one of those times! I had come by my 1st grade teacher's classroom to see if I could work in stations with them. This teacher said yes so I went to go get my things. We had been working in an app called "Sound-O-Scope" in which the app lets you record your voice. Once the voice is recorded the student could then email their sound clip to the teacher. Once the file was emailed to the teacher, I would then go and then forward it to myself, download the file and then take pix of the pages of the book. Sounds time consuming right? It WAS! As I was walking into this teacher's class I decided that I was going to mix it up a little and use iMovie. iMovie with a first grade class you might say?? It wasnt as difficult as I thought it would be! The teacher wanted them to talk about the plot and solution of a story, so sure enough they found pictures in book they had read and snapped them in iMovie. From there, they recorded their voice over it using the microphone tool. Once they were comfortable and confident in what they were saying, we exported it out to the teacher's Google Apps YouTube channel. This was a first for this class and lets just say that myself, the teacher and the students were really excited about it! I am still working on removing the Ken Burns effects from iMovie (where it automatically zooms into a photo) but I think this will be my choice of app when it comes to re-telling anything!! Check out the clip that our first graders made!

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