Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st 9 Weeks in the Books!

Normally when I blog,  I enjoy showing off student work, projects or other awesomeness that we are doing on our campus. However, this blog is a little different. I want to brag on the team that I get to work with everyday. They are simply awesome. Today was the first day that we got to work together as a team on accomplishing a task. I am always in their classes working with them individually, however, today was the first day that we got to sit down and catch up on some thing as a group. One of them told me today, "Andres, you are one of the most patient people that I know!" That made me feel really good because everyone that I work with is on a different skill level technology wise. I cannot say enough good things about my team. I am truly blessed to work with them!

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