Thursday, October 23, 2014

3-2-1 ACTION!

All this week I had been prepping my 5th grade students to use iMovie with an experiment that they had coming up today. For me, I had shown them just a few tools such as how to insert and remove a picture, along with shortening the time of a picture. Long story short I wanted to show them the essentials to what they would need to make a movie. Today was the day that we actually used the iPads with the group. I emphasized to the student that this particular lesson wasnt necessarily all about the iPad but it would be a tool in their overall completion of the project. Students were learning about conductors and insulators of electricity in which they would have a size D battery, electrical wire, a light bulb and other items such as a marshmallow or ping pong ball to test. When students got to the stage of trying to complete the circuit, students took the iPad and used iMovie to a)record the student explaining what they were doing and if the item they were testing was an insulator or conductor. When they were done explaining, the student then took a picture of the item either with the light-bulb lit up or not lit. It sounded like an easy concept but students really wanted to be perfect in their videos! It was so good to hear and see conversations directed at learning! To make things even better, all of these conversations were student lead!  To help the teacher, I created a rubric (with the help of another awesome co-worker) to show the students what they would need to achieve a certain grade. Feel free to use it! Once the students were done we uploaded it directly to the teacher's Google Apps YouTube account (set to private view or else I'd show one!) All in all, I think both the teacher and the students really enjoyed integrating iMovie into their lesson today!

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