Thursday, October 30, 2014

Short Stories with Popplet and Explain Everything

My second graders and their teacher are rocking things in class! The past two days the teacher and his students had been using Popplet and Explain Everything to create and record graphic organizers with a short story. The first day students were to collect their thoughts via Popplet. On day 2 students had to import their picture into Explain Everything and record themselves telling the story. It's funny how students get so shy when they are recording something but can be ever so loud when talking in the lunchroom!! :) I also found that this group of students that I work with are perfectionists!! Time after time they will go back and re-record things to make sure they are properly done which I think is great as long as they stay in the boundaries of the time given.

Here is a sample of one that was created:


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