Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Frame in Explain Everything

I have been really eager to work with my 1st grade teachers lately! They are starting 10-Frame word problems (adding as or now) in which they use counters to figure out a word problem. For example, a word problem might read: "John had 10 marbles, his mom gave him 3 more. How many does he have now?" Rather than using another page in an anchor chart, I wanted to spice up this lesson using technology. As mentioned many times before, my "go-to" app is Explain Everything, and for this lesson it was no different. Using the "line tool" I created my 10 frame box. Actually, scratch that-- one of my teachers was really interested in creating a template with math problems so I let HER do the work. Anyways, after she was done creating the 10 frame she then came up with 5 word problems. She then created the proper amount of markers (dots) per problem. Once she was done, we logged into our Google Account in which we saved the template. Today was the day that the students logged in as the teacher (we gave the student the email address and we put the password in.) They then download the template onto their iPad and the teacher could then begin the lesson. Once they students were done working out the problems we then showed them how to export them back into the teacher's Google Drive so that they could grade later on. It was so awesome to see our kids and teachers work on this together! To kick it up a notch, next time, we plan to use the video feature so that they can say their number sentence. I am so proud of my First Grade teachers and students!

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