Wednesday, January 28, 2015

iMovie Rollout in 4th Grade Science

One of my awesome teachers had really been wanting to integrate iMovie somehow into her Math / Science lessons but was waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so. Last week in passing she was like, "Hey, I want you to come show my class iMovie next week when we build circuits!" Obviously, I was more than thrilled to show her class the awesomeness of this app! Every time we passed in the hallway we would talk about how we wanted it to look, what would be introduced, etc Since it was their very first time using this app (in school), the teacher thought it would be a great idea to use a rubric to help guide students. She decided to create the rubric and I would type up the expectations of what the mini-challenge was all about. Basically in 23 minutes, students had to: take two pictures and label them with the names of the item they were photographing, insert a video explaining how they were making the circuit, creating and inserting a title slide and most importantly, keeping all of this creativity to under 1 minute 30 seconds! We thoroughly explained the basics of iMovie and from there the students began their challenge. To make this project more rigorous for the students, we told them that we neither myself or their teacher were going to help them (with the technology piece.) The students pretty much flipped out at that point, but it wasnt before long until they started relying on their partner to help get them through this task! Sure enough majority of the people finished the task. It was chaotic, but in a good way! Not one person was sitting in their chair, but instead trying to get the "perfect angle" so that they could hear their partner's voice as well as get a good shot of their circuit!

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