Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NewsELA Roll Out

For the past few month I have been really trying to integrate technology into English / Language Arts. This has been a big challenge for me because it's not as flexible as math in activities we can do. After talking to a few people and researching it on Twitter, I found out about a service called NewsELA. NewsELA is a site full of current event articles which are VERY interesting! It also tracks the student's reading level over time to see if they are progressing or not via mini quizzes.  To further increase the rigor of the center, students then take what they learn in the article and write about a) thei main idea, b)author's purpose c)why the author wrote used the picture they did. They do this part all in Edmodo! We showed the students how to share their responses with the class so that other students can add feedback to what they had said. It does take a while for students to complete all of this since they are tracking their thoughts, taking a quiz, etc etc. However after interviewing the students, they find these stories and activities really engaging and dare I say.... fun??!!!!

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