Friday, January 23, 2015

Lots of Stuff Going on in 5th Grade!

This past week I had spent a lot of time in 5th grade! I was so excited for my 5th Grade ELA and Math/Science Teachers because a lot of the activities that we did were ideas originated from the teacher! To get started 5th Grade ELA did their first activity in Edmodo. I know that I talked about Edmodo in the past, but this assignment was actually a graded one. To make this happen, the teacher had them log into their Edmodo accounts and download a .pdf file of a graphic organizer. From there it let us directly export it into Explain Everything in which the students could work on it. Once they were done with their work, they had to screen-shot it in which it would go to the camera roll. Students would then toggle back to Edmodo and turn in their assignment. While this might not sound like a lot, there were actually a lot of steps to make this happen and all of the students were able to successfully turn in their assignment! Better yet, this boosted the teacher's confidence in using Edmodo on a regular basis.

In 5th Grade Math and Science the teacher told me that they had were going to work on plotting points / input and output. My co-worker and I helped her design this lesson and tweaked it to what the teacher needed to get across to the students. Students had to download a pre-made template into Explain Everything and first "warmed up" with basic plotting points. Once students were refreshed on how to plot points, they then had to create their input/output tables in Explain Everything. Students then had to plot points and create a line graph using their points. One they were done, they had to submit it to the T's Google Drive.

In 5th Grade Science, the teacher told me that she wanted to incorporate iMovie again into their experiments. Both the teacher and students REALLY love iMovie. However, me and the teacher talked about how we wanted it to be very structured and decided that using a rubric would be an excellent way to set expectations for the students. Some of the expectations that we had wanted were for students to: keep the movie under 4 minutes long, have titles / text on slides that were introducing something, and to have a minimum of 4 videos and 4 pictures. It was actually interesting to see students take their 8 minute video and find ways to trim it down to 4 minutes! 

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