Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Halves, Wholes, Eighths, Fourths and More!

I have to give major props to my 2nd Grade GT teacher! Him and his class LOVE to app-smash! At first he was very hesitant because he didnt know if students would have trouble toggling between apps to get something done. Not the case with this class! For this particular unit, students were having to identify fractions. To challenge the students, he wanted them to use an app called "Geo Board" along with "Pic Collage." Geo Boards, if you dont know, is a digital board where you can drag and drop virtual rubber bands to create various shapes.
The process he wanted his students to go through was to first create the shape in the Geo Board. Once this was done, the student was to screen-shot the image and import it into Pic Collage to where they would have to write down the name of the fraction (half, fourth, etc.)  Unfortunately I was not able to attend this activity because I was at a meeting, however he told me that everything went smoothly.  Prior to the activity, we had talked about asking higher level questions to the students. I left him with a few examples so that he could try. He did say that students did have trouble answering those types of questions, so our goal is to try and come up with different strategies to help smooth out these wrinkles.

Side note- I am super proud of this teacher! He has come such a long way with integrating technology into his classroom!

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