Monday, February 16, 2015

"Hey! I'm Actually Understanding This!!"

A few months back, my 4th Grade Math / Science teacher and I came up with the idea of posting online video tutorials of various math strategies. Although majority of these tutorials are made by the teacher, she did take a risk and let a student create one and be seen by other students! It was fun to see students' response when they heard their classmate's voice over the iPad! The goal was to look at what students are having problems with and create "how-to" tutorials on solving those types of problems. These past few weeks, this teacher posted quite a few tutorials and asked me to help roll them out to her students while she worked with her kiddos at the table in small group. My job was to help get the students onto the website to where they could access the videos / math problems. To be honest, the first day we did this, it took quite a while to navigate through Safari to our school's website, to the teacher's page, to the folder that the videos were in, etc. We eventually got there, but it took about 5-6 minutes for everyone to be on the same page.  (More on this in a second.) Once we got to the page, I explained the purpose of these video tutorials to the students. After explaining to the students, they began watching the designated tutorial and taking notes. One of the awesome things about these tutorials is the fact that they are self-paced and can be replayed in sections if the student feels that they aren't understanding. After the first round of videos, students had two supplemental problems they had to work out using the same strategies that were shown in the video. Long story short, once the problems were completed, I overheard several student comments to the teacher such as, "I am actually understanding how to divide!" and "Is there any way we can do this at home!?" I was so proud of the students AND the teacher! I really think the teacher is on to something with these tutorials! She says she plans on making more so that is a huge plus!

*The afternoon group went much more smoothly! I created QR codes for the teacher so all the students had to do was scan the code and it went directly to the proper website! 

Here is an one of the student created tutorial:


Here is one of the teacher made tutorials:


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