Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Head in the Clouds

So I was browsing through some old photos on my iPad and realized that I forgot to blog about a really cool activity that my 1st grade teacher did a while back! At the time, students were going over "Objects in the Sky" in Science. When talking to my 1st Grade Teacher, she had told me that she wanted to take her students outside and have them take pictures of the clouds, sun and other objects in the side. She then provided them a list of descriptive words in which they would use in creating a Pic Collage with it. For the activity, students were paired up and allowed to explore outside. They were given about 15 minutes to take pictures. Even though they are first graders, I noticed many of them are perfectionists! They wanted their pictures to look good! If a picture was blurry, they would re-take it. If it wasn't the "exact" cloud they had wanted, they would go and find the one they were looking for! Once the pictures were taken, students went back to the classroom and created a Pic Collage which talked about the characteristics of the clouds. I was so proud of the teacher and students about this project!

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