Thursday, May 7, 2015

A First for Fourth (Plickers)

On the way to my car last week, I was stopped by my 4th grade teacher in which she asked me what Plickers were all about. I explained to her that it was a formative assessment tool that involved scannable  cards. Today she had the opportunity to try them out for the very first time! I am new to this type of assessment tool myself so I was learning right along with the teacher. She set up her questions within the website and used the Plickers App to scan the audience's cards. In case you dont know, Plickers are cards that students hold- to indicate answer choices, they have to rotate the card various ways. Long story short, we literally had to pry the cards away from students cause they were so engaged! I am hoping she can use them again soon! Again, this was the first time that they used this tool and they were really hooked! Students were begging for more math problems!! We were able to interview a student and get her feedback as well! (See below.)


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