Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3rd Grade Math Portfolios

Today was a big step in our 3rd Math teacher's teaching career! Last week, we talked about the idea of student's building tutorials and storing them into a digital portfolio. This would serve as a reference later on down the road when they have to review for that big standardized test... I was in her classroom all 3 rotations today. The first rotation, we co-taught the lesson in which students (for the first time) had to a)take a picture of a subtraction problem that was printed out b) write out their WIK and WINK c)solve the problem showing two different strategies and d)record themselves explaining how they solved it! The teacher did an excellent with her 2nd and 3td period classes in which she did the bulk of the teaching (both content AND tech!) The students as well as the teachers were pleased in how things went today. They hope they can continue this with future activities!

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