Thursday, September 10, 2015

Making the Most of a Short Week!

This week was a very short week. I was only on campus for 3 days this week, however that didnt stop teachers from wanting to do things in their classrooms!

1st Grade - I work with 2 first grade teachers and typically they will do the same activities but this was the first time that this teacher did both activities, so I wanted to blog about it.  This first grade teacher wanted to do a re-telling station in which students would read a book and retell it using explain everything. We teamed up and created a "model retell" in which students can refer to if they get confused. We co-taught the lesson so that the students would understand the content as well as the technology. Once they were done, students sent them to See Saw for review.

Here are a few examples. Keep in mind, this is their very first project, so that was quite the victory!!

Here is the "model retell" partially finished:

Here a student sample that two students tried on their own:


This particular class also used Nearpod later on that day so that they could learn about time! Props to this class! They used a total of 3 apps throughout the course of the day!

 In second grade, the teacher wanted to have students create book reviews in which students chose a book that they read and would talk a little about it and why it was their favorite book. They would also have to rate their books as well either 1 star or 4 stars. They used Explain Everything and pushed it out to See Saw. Here is an example:

Students in 3rd Grade played their first Kahoot Game today! This teacher created the questions all on her own! She was really thrilled to see how much fun they had while learning!

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