Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meeting Teachers at the Point of Their Need

These past few days have been incredible! Lots of teachers have been wanting to try new stuff out and even go above and beyond! I am not too sure where to start so I will go in 1st - 5th grade order.

1st Grade:
First graders are learning how to create words with a letter template in Explain Everything. We designed a template in which the letters A-Z are placed. We also divided the screen in half- the top half is where the spelling of the word will go. Students learned how to use the "duplicate tool" in Explain Everything to make copies of letters. Once the student spells out the word, they will take a picture of the note cart and place it under the spelled word. Going into this activity, I was a bit nervous in showing the kids how to "duplicate" a letter, but they got it! Once the students got how to do this process, they were able to go at their own pace.

2nd Grade: 
Lots of stuff going on in 2nd grade. The biggest has been the roll out of SeeSaw. SeeSaw is an online digital portfolio, but can be used for so much more! Students created a "5 finger Just Right Book" in which they explained the process of choosing a book that is "just right" for them. They took pictures of their drawing and then used Explain Everything to record the process of choosing a book. They also did this for an activity in which they had to "show a number 4 different ways." I havent figured out how to embed a See Saw Video but when I do, it will be posted here.  Update: SeeSaw JUST tweeted me back showing me how to embed it! Where the teacher has gained ground is with the parents! Students kept telling their parents, "Look for my work on your cell phone!" See Saw has a feature in which student work can go to parent's cell phone when they are done!


3rd Grade: 
My ELA teacher is in the process of rolling out her class Google Accounts. She is combining this with building Personal Narrative stories. Each day students will log into their Google Account via Explain Everything and complete a task. At the end of the week, students will See-Saw their work back to the teacher as a final product!

5th Grade: 
My math teacher was really excited about an idea that she came up with. They are currently working on place value. She wanted students to take pictures of a place value chart and have them copy a number from an index card. Students would then have to match the number under the correct place value. Students would then have to record their voice saying what the number was, and then say which value each number represented! Check it out: 


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