Thursday, September 24, 2015

GoPro: Be a (5th Grade) Hero!

During the summer we were able to get a Go Pro for our campus. After success with using a Go Pro last year with 1st Grade, I wanted to see what my 5th graders could do with it, however this time there would be huge twists!  I have been reading a lot about "maker spaces" this year in which students are the ones creating stuff and discovering "how to do something" with minimal teacher help so I wanted to apply that concept to this. Since last year, I have had the opportunity to observe students when doing digital activities. I found 3 students in which I think would be a good fit for a few special upcoming projects. One of them is extremely quiet, however she really likes to write so she will be my "blogger" and "photographer."

So today, when I brought the Go Pro to campus, I wanted the three students to figure out everything about the Go Pro- from how to take it out of its packaging to changing the settings from "fisheye" to "standard" all on their own! I wanted my "blogger" to document things that they did and findings they all observed. She started out in Word, however I created a special blog for the group in which they will update on a regular basis leaving their "bread crumbs" of what they do for the day.

Here are some snaps from the students today! (The last screen-snap is the 5th grader's blog post for today.)

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