Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Speical Day with a Special Person!

Wow! Today was one of the most hyped up days that we have had on our campus in quite a while! A few weeks ago, my Math Instructional Coach told me that 3rd grade was going to be studying weather for the next few weeks. She encouraged me to find "something cool" to help enhance the learning. Challenge accepted! I reached out to Twitter to see if I could find a meteorologist that we could Skype with. I was pleased to hear that my new friend Lindsey Day from Fox 26 news agreed to Skype with our students! As I was hyping it up on campus, students would randomly say things like, "Are we Skyping with Ms. Lindsey today?! "Am I going to get a chance to ask Ms. Lindsey a question?" The suspense was building! Students were so pumped to find out today was the day we would Skype! We had about 40 kids in our classroom and all of them were on edge to talk to her! Lindsey started off giving us a tour of her newsroom, then showed us her anchor desk and eventually the green screen where "the magic happens!" She then fielded a few questions from students who asked her anything from tornadoes to her morning routine. We then "took a picture" with her! We are also planning on mailing her a special treat in a few days, so if Lindsey is reading this, be on the look out in your mailbox! :)

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