Thursday, October 1, 2015

Solids and Liquids and iPads Oh My!

Today in 2nd Grade, the teacher did a really fun activity in which they explored solids and liquids. #flashback Last year we did a similar activity but when we sat down to plan it out this year, we noticed that there was so much more we could do with it! The teacher wanted students to identify solids and liquids by taking a picture of them and labeling them. Side note- I totally freaked out when I walked in and saw baggies of water on their desk! iPads + water are not really a good idea! However, the students were responsible and kept the devices away from their bags of water.

Once students were done taking pictures, they smashed it into Explain Everything had to explain why a certain object was a solid or liquid. I was really impressed with this class! They did all this work in only 30 minutes! Our goal for next time would be to have students take pictures and label on one day, and then record on the next.

Check out the examples below:


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