Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Start of Something Beautiful

The First Grade teachers that I work with are having students do word sorts on the iPad now. I am creating the first few sorts for the teachers, however in a few weeks, we are going to turn that role over to the students. A few "fast finishers" will make the sorts for the class- this includes taking a screen shot of the sort, importing it, tracing each word/picture, putting it under a column and then saving it to the Google Drive.

Today was their first day in which our teacher went above and beyond! Instead of just having them move words under the correct categories/columns, she had them record their voice saying it while moving it! There was something beautiful about hearing students trying to say the word(s)! Often times you can hear the uncertainty in their voice, however over time they will become stronger in pronouncing these words! I look forward to seeing how students progress with this in the future.

Below is an example:

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