Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thinglinkin' it Up 4th Grade!

So the 4th grade teacher that I work with REALLY likes using Thinglink! As a matter of fact, our friends at Thinglink gave us a free 14-day trial of Thinglink Educator in which we got to take advantage of many of the features that the Thinglink Educator has to offer! We spread this particular assignment out over the course of 2 days  5 days due to the fact that we wanted to roll out student Google Accounts out. We also experienced some tech glitches on the back end of Thinglink, but we got all of them worked out. The first day, the task was for the student to take a picture of ocean water (sand) and salt water and make a pic collage out of them. The second day, they had to put their collages into Thinglink and talk about the similarities and differences of each and also recorded their observations on what they noticed between the two types of water. When starting this activity, we wanted to collaborate with another campus in which we would look at each others projects to see if there were any similarities / differences. We used SeeSaw to create a combined class and see each of the classes projects.

Here are some examples:

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