Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Types of Energy" Scavenger Hunt (Part 1)

A year ago, the 4th grade teacher that I work with and I did this same activity. However, a year later, this teacher realized how much she could improve the activity and how to really challenge the students! For this 2-part activity (we hadnt done the second part yet) students had to go on a scavenger hunt around the school building and look for "types of energy." The types of energy they were looking for consisted of mechanical energy, sound energy, thermal energy and others. Students were given 15 minutes to find these items around campus. Students were also placed in groups in which they had jobs- one was the "photographer" and the other was the "editor" in which they created the collages. Once they found these items, they had to build a Pic Collage in which they had to label what type of energy the picture represented. To set the expectations, this teacher used a rubric. Students really appreciated this rubric because it explained step by step on how to earn a certain grade. Part 2 is coming up next week in which students will use Thinglink to explain their creations. Be on the look out for a blog post!!

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