Saturday, October 24, 2015

Up Up and Away! 1st Grade T Creates Her Own Nearpod!

One of the teachers that I work with told me that she wants to get really good at creating Nearpods for her and her students! If you havent created one before it can be kind of intimidating! Usually you can create them in Power Point or GSlides, but if one wants to use an "activity slide" they will have to export them as .Jpg files. Needless to say, there are quite a few steps to making them. Earlier this week the teacher walked into my room and said "Hey Chavez! I created my own ELA Nearpod!" I was so excited that she did it all on her own!!  Immediately I went over to check out this awesomeness and couldn't believe what I saw!! I asked her if she needed help converting certain slides to .Jpgs so that she could add them as "activity slides." She was like, "Nah! I got this!"

When she told me that she was going to run it on Friday, I was really excited, yet nervous because tons of stuff could have gone wrong! I went in early and got them all on the Nearpod app for her and she did the rest! It went well for the most part, however the internet kept dropping cause the hotspot in her room was dead. Needless to say, she saved the template and will be using them in the future! So proud of her!!

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