Thursday, October 15, 2015

Observing Changes

One of the 2nd grade teachers on my campus has been really eager to use Thinglink this year. However, we talk about it in planning, it just never seemed to fit what we were doing. However, this past week when we planned, we finally found a good use for Thinglink! Learning from past activities, we were going to set goals and pace the class to do smaller chunks of the activity over time, rather than try and rushing through everything and possibly miss the chance of a learning opportunity.

Day 1- Teacher took students outside and put milk in a pot on a hotplate. He also put soap in a pot and put that on a hotplate as well. He took pictures as the state the item changed.  (Me and him then created a google doc in which he uploaded these photos. He then created a QR code in which students could scan and access the pix.)

Day 2: Students scanned the QR code to access the pix and downloaded them to the camera roll. Once they were saved, students created a pic collage with them and put their name on the collage. This was the end of the activity for the day! (As tempted as we were to continue the project, we knew that students would run out of time, so we decided to stay with the original plan!!)

Day 3: Students uploaded their image to Thinglink and identified what had happened before/during/after their item had melted. Once they were done with that, they uploaded their Thinglinks into Seesaw!

Check out some examples:

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