Saturday, October 24, 2015

Using "Copy and Edit" in SeeSaw in 3rd Grade Math

I started using Smart Goals with my staff this month. I got the idea from Ms. Boone- she uses it on her campus and it is an excellent way to help grow staff! Anyways, the Smart Goal that I gave to this 3rd Grade Math teacher was to use the "copy and edit" tool in SeeSaw. The way Smart Goals work on my campus is that I give them a tool or app to explore- they will have 1 month to use that tool on their own. If they need assistance, I will certainly help them! Once they meet their Smart Goal I will make them a certificate in which they can post outside their door to show everyone that their goal was met.

Anyways, in planning, the teacher told me that she had an idea that she wanted to use with "making arrays." She put together this Google Doc in which there were a few arrays in which students could download and insert into Explain Everything via a QR code. As far as the content (multiplication) went, she used the "Copy and Edit" feature in SeeSaw to help explain this type of concept. This was actually big news because she was the first one in our district to use this feature! The cool thing about it was the fact that she just dove right into using this tool and was like, "Well, if this is my Smart Goal, I am just going to do it!" Once the student copies the image, it will automatically copy into their portfolio in which they can then annotate, record and type on! Congrats to this teacher! So proud of you!!

Here is an example of an item that was copied and pasted from the teacher.

Here are examples of a finished product:


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