Monday, April 13, 2015

A Truly Magical Moment!

No- I am not talking about the opportunity of trying on an Apple Watch... but rather introducing my 5th graders to Thinglink for their research report! For this project, our entire 5th grade is doing the same thing output wise, however each student is able to research an inventor or invention of their choice. Students used Thinglink to house all of their work such as references, images, articles and even their actual research paper! (This is currently a work in progress- they are doing this via Google Docs!) Long story short, students are loving the flexibility of this app and actually WANT to work on their report even when it is time to go to lunch, recess etc! We also recently discovered what "channels" are in Thinklink and have taken full advantage of how we can use them with students!

Below are a few projects that our 5th Graders are working on:

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