Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Google Forms for Peer Feedback

My 5th grade students are on fire! In the past two weeks they have done some incredible things concerning their research reports! Two teachers are doing similar projects, and now they are at the point where they have tagged everything to their Thing Link and are wondering what to do next. One teacher really wants to focus on peer feedback so in return the other teacher wants to do the same thing. Today they exceeded my expectations- mainly because they did everything without me being present in the room! To be fair, I did give detailed instructions on how to do all of this, but the fact that the teacher worked through all of it with her students was AMAZING!

Ok so here's what happened:

First, students took their Thing Link project and exported it into Safari.
Next, they copied the URL from the address bar and pasted it into qrstuff.com in which they created a QR code.
Once they had their QR Code created, they saved it to their Camera Roll and imported it back into Pic Collage where they had to label it with their name as well as their topic.
Once they were finished, they saved it to the cloud in which I plan on printing them out for them and plaster our walls with QR Codes!

The end product looks simple, but there were MANY hoops they had to jump through in order to get this done!

With that said, students then started scanning each other's work in which they would read their "things" along with their research report. Once they were done with this, we had them scan a different QR code in which it took them to a pre-made Google Form. In this form they had to give one suggestion and one compliment to that student's work! Attached are a few snaps from today.

Here is an example of our Google Form:

Here are their responses:

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