Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not Your Average 5th Grade Research Report!

Wow! I am so proud of my 5th graders! I dont even know where to begin! They have been going above and beyond on this research project lately! Most students are finishing up editing their work in Google Docs and have moved on to the peer review stage. I was honestly a little nervous about this part because this particular class has never done peer feedback, much less, submitted peer feedback via the Google Docs iPad app! However, this class exceeded my expectations when it came time to "go into someone's document" and edit it! To make things even better, the AM class "peer reviewed" the PM class and left feedback on how to improve!

As students are finishing up, the teacher is wondering what we do next? I had suggested that we start green-screening and she was on board! We started our first one today, but we expect to hit it hard whenever students finish taking STAAR!  Btw, check out the Thinglink example! See if you can find the document as well as the green-screen video!


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