Thursday, January 28, 2016

eBooks and Blog Responses in SeeSaw

We recently had a training on "GALE Resources." GALE simple put are eBooks that students can read as well as listen to. I was really excited to get back to campus so that I could show the teachers that I work with. So far, there is a 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade teacher using it and they are really enjoying it! In 3rd Grade, the teacher really wanted to focus on "main idea" as well as "text features." In second grade, they were using GALE to research people in Social Studies. The teachers made a QR Code which lead the student to the digital library. Once students found the correct e-book, they could either read it or listen to it.

When students were done, they tried out a new feature in Seesaw- "blogs." They were to answer about 3 questions having to do with the book that they chose. Once answered, they were to submit it to the class blog.

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