Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weather Project in 1st Grade Science!

In Science, 1st Grade is starting their unit on weather. In talking with one of the 1st grade teachers, they thought this would be an excellent opportunity to use technology to help enhance what they are learning. Students had to know what words like, "cold" "hot" "warm" "windy" "cloud" "sunny" "temperature" etc meant. In talking with this teacher, we decided that we would take students outside each day for two weeks to have them take pictures of whether or not it was cloudy, sunny, etc. They would also get a feel on if it was windy, rainy etc.  Once they took the pictures, they would use Pic Collage to help tell this information. They would also put the date on the Pic Collage so that when we "smash" it with Explain Everything, and record, they will be able to read the date too.

So the first day we did it, students did a wonderful job taking pictures, however many of them had trouble spelling words. To help with this, we printed out a sheet with common words to help them. Day 2 went much better! Students took pictures, then came inside to label them. In reflecting with the teacher, she told me, "I really think I need to help them with sentence stems so they can write in complete sentences!" Such a great idea! Day 3 went even better than the first 2! The teacher posted sentence stems to help the students. This definitely made a difference!

We are going to do this for about 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to what kind of products the students will be making!

Check out the progress the students have made in just 3 days!!

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