Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Force, Energy, Motion, Roller Coasters and iMovie?

So proud of my 2nd Grade teacher! They were learning about force, energy / motion and the teacher totally wanted to incorporate technology into this lesson! He told me that he wanted to have students record a marble "riding" on a class-made roller coaster. Initially, we went with Explain Everything, but fumbling around with the video features wasnt really ideal in what they were trying to accomplish. We found that iMovie had many more features that could be used. A few of the features included "slow-motion" and "mute voice." These two tools were crucial to the final output of the product. Before students recorded, they created a title slide which talked about force, motion, etc. From there, as a group, they recorded the movie. Groups were made of 4 people and each student had a different role.  Take that Tek 2.4!

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