Friday, September 12, 2014

And the Crowd Goes Wild...!

Its happened a few times this year already-- I walk into a classroom with the iPad carts in hand, and immediately I am greeted by applause, cheers and fanfare! Such a special feeling! Alright, so this week we did quite a few things in my First Grade class. One of the main things that they have been working on is "Making Connections" with books that they read. Connections such as "text to self" "text to text" and "text to others." For this activity, we brought in one iPad and worked in small groups. Each group had to choose a book from the classroom library and determine what kind of connection it made. The app that we used was again "Pic Collage" in which you can make various types of collages and "spice them up." We had one student take a picture of another student with the iPad. Once we did that, we would guide the student on how to add text to their picture. The would type out what type of connection was made. Once the first picture was up, we rotated iPads to the next person so they could have a turn. The final outcome looked like this: (never mind the hearts- those were the teacher's idea!!)


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