Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Double Dipped in Technology!

One of my main goals for this year as a Digital Learning Coach is to plan ahead- like way ahead! As mentioned previously, I find myself going to teachers in the middle of the week and saying something like, "Hey! Let's try this app out this week!" Typically I have had positive responses in doing things this way, but I am learning that it isn't being respectful of my teacher's time. Hopefully I can make some improvements in the next few weeks! I will keep you updated!

None the less, today was one of those days where we tried something at the last minute with our second graders. It actually worked really well too! This particular class was being introduced to doubles (4+4=9, 5+5=10, etc.) Typically the teacher would just use a white board with a dry erase board. However, I wanted to try using the "draw and response" tool in Infuse Learning. When using this tool, a student logs into a "virtual classroom" and the teacher has total control with what is projected onto their iPad. The "draw and response" tool is a feature that turns your iPad into a whiteboard. When the student is done answering a question they submit it to the teacher in which their work projects onto the screen. Many students really really enjoy seeing their work up on the projector! I found out that many students will check and double check to make sure their answers are correct before submitting their answer.

As I was leaving this teacher's classroom today, I reminded the class that I would be back for a Science lesson (...that was planned at the last minute!! I'm working on it! I promise!)  So this lesson had to do with the Properties of Matter (solids, liquids and gas.) Instead of using an anchor chart, we agreed to use the Popplet app with the students. (A 1:1 lesson.) After introducing the app to the students, they made the teacher guided them to make three columns and label them "solids" "liquids" and "gasses." From there they had to think of an item, type it in a separate poppel and then take a picture of what they were referring to. For the "gas" image, we simply had them draw lines in place of a picture. The kids were so excited to show their individuality and creativity! No two projects looked the same! 

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