Friday, September 12, 2014

Infusing Learning with Students

This past week I had the opportunity to talk with a First Grade teacher about trying "something really cool" out in her classroom. Again, my long term goal is to plan ahead of time, but there are times that I just see things and am like, "We have to try this today!" This idea was one of them! Students have an upcoming quiz on greater and less than numbers- I wanted to do a pre-assessment with them using the web tool Infuse Learning.   Infuse Learning is a web tool in which you can create quizzes, draw responses, sort orders, true false and many other instant feedback responses. Basically, I create the quiz using the teacher account- once the quiz is created, you "start" the session and give the student a room ID number. Once they are in the room, they can either begin the quiz that was started, or draw a response from what a teacher was asking. It took some getting use to, granted, these were 1st graders, but they did a really good job once they figured out how we were to use the website. What makes it easisest for everyone is the fact that when they are done with a quiz, it automatically generates a nice and neat report with grades on it! Here are some pictures and screenshots:

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