Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lessons Learned from Today

Today was an emotionally tough day for me. I had created a Nearpod lesson about a week showing the "Stages of the Moon." Typically before I go into a classroom I test the lesson with a few iPads or laptops to make sure things work okay. I did my usual routine today and I was confident that everything was going to go well when I was on my way to the classroom. As my class "Technology Managers" were handing the iPads out to each student, I went to the computer so that I could log into my Nearpod account. However, it would not connect its database. I had experienced this a few days ago but tweeted them, @nearpod, and the issue was fixed within an hour. Unfortunately it was "go time" and I didnt have an hour to spare. Feeling helpless, I asked the teacher to show the YouTube High Tide and Low Tide video clip while I went to go get my backup power point lesson. On my way back to my office, my iPad was finally able to connect to their database meaning that I could start the lesson! What a relief! From there I modeled what I was supposed to show and the teacher was able to get her content taught!

So the game plan for today was to work with this person's AM and PM class. In passing, the teacher was telling me that it may not be a good idea to come in today with their afternoon group due to behavior issues. I understood and didnt mind rescheduling. About an hour later, I get a Voxer from this teacher saying "Come to my classroom!" I was shocked when I walked in to their classroom! What I found was this teacher sitting in a circle with her students with iPads distributed to her students! The teacher wanted me to go ahead and launch the Nearpod lesson, and before you knew it, everyone was sitting in a circle, with an iPad, learning about tides and phases of the moon! All I did was sit and observe! I was so impressed with what was going on, I decided that I would just be a fly on the wall!

I guess the lesson for today is to cut myself some slack on occasions. Things will not always go 100% how you want them to go, and when they do not, know that it is still possible for something positive to happen!

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