Friday, September 12, 2014

Who Said Popplet was Just for ELA?

I know I haven't posted much about Popplet much lately but I use it quite often! If you do not know what it is, Popplet is basically a free mind-mapping tool that lets you organize ideas onto an iPad or computer. Up until this past week, I have strictly been using it for English / Language Arts. However, I saw an idea on Twitter in which a teacher used it by constructing a Frayer Model (thanks Oneida!) in Math. I decided I wanted to use that tool with our 4th grade math class. The students have been learning pictorial, expanded notation, standard form, etc. However, I wanted students to have the opportunity to actually visualize their work rather than just doing it by paper and pencil. In this particular lesson, I simply explained how this app worked- I showed how to create a popplet (a text box), how to re-size them, how to arrange them, and the student's favorite-- how to take and insert a picture into a popplet! Once the basic understanding was taught, I then turned it over to the teacher so she could use her examples with the popplet.  Once they were finished, I used iCloud / screen capturing to collect them all. A tutorial will be coming out in a few days on how I use Photo Steam / iCloud to collect student work. The tutorial has been created and you can now click here to find out how to turn in student work via iCloud and Photo Stream.

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