Friday, September 5, 2014

Calling an Audible

Okay so football season is upon us, so there may or may not, but probably will be numerous football reference over the next few moths. :)

Earlier this week, an ELD teacher requested that I go in and help model  iPad stations for her classroom. The plan was to show her students Educreations, however I went into her class during ELD time instead of Math time. I started showing the first group how to count and mark numbers using Educreations but it felt weird doing math during an ELD block. It was then that I asked the teacher if I could change it up (calling an audible at the line) and try incorporating with their ELD lesson. She agreed and boy was it a game changer! The teacher was explaining nouns and adding adjectives to them. I then decided to use the app Pic Collage to work with groups of students. I sat with them at their desk and I let them browse around the room for a "person" "place" or "thing." They then took the iPad (we were sharing 4 students to 1 iPad) an went around the room taking a picture of one of the nouns. From there, they labeled which type of noun it was. The teacher was very impressed and wants to do more activities like this in the future.

She also was inquiring about websites that help students with learning phonics, ABCs and other basic words. I showed her Starfall. If you are new to Pre-K / 1st or 2nd I would definitely recommend putting this website as a station on your computer.

Here is the collage we created as a group today:

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