Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"So Nearpod is Like a Presentation Tool, right?" - 5th grader

Today was one of those days that I had been looking forward to for a long time! It was the day that I was able to use Nearpod for the first time on my campus. I had been talking it up with a 5th grade teacher that I was working with for quite a while. If you do not know what Nearpod is, it is basically a tool that reflects your iPad (and many other devices) onto the screens of the student's iPad. The teacher typically creates presentation slides and uploads them into Nearpod. From there, students enter a special classroom code and the teacher then can control it via her iPad or desk top. For the record, the teacher that I worked with today used both! So proud of her! So once you upload the presentation into Nearpod, you can add different tools such as the "draw tool" "poll" "quiz" and many others! As you advance the slides on the iPads, students will be able to respond and the teacher can view the results in real time. For today's lesson, the teacher used it via the computer / projector to where students can see who got the answer right or wrong as well as their drawing. She ran it from the iPad app in her afternoon class in which she was the only one who could see who was getting answers right or wrong. The lesson we were working on today were the "Properties of Water." For the most part each student had their own iPad and basically used it to copy down notes along with answering a few questions along the way. The students also drew a picture of what boiling water looked like. It was great to see student's creativity - in fact a few students even drew fire under it which lead to a further discussion about boiling water! Before you knew it, students were saying words like "evaporation" "steam" "condensation" and other really awesome science words without the teacher having to say anything!

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