Monday, September 1, 2014

First EduWins of the Year

EduWin #1
This past week I was observing a teacher in the sense that I wanted to get ideas on how to incorporate technology into their classroom. When I was in there was one student who I could tell did not want to have anything to do with what the teacher was saying. I had asked the teacher if they minded if I could have an opportunity a chance to work with that student. I had come equipped with my iPad mini, not really expecting to use it. Sure enough, I approached this student letting her know that I just recently got this smaller iPad and that I wasn't really comfortable using it. (So true! It feels weird holding it!) Anyways, I used my "go to" app "Explain Everything" and asked the student to help me use it. The class was covering place value and what I found interesting was the fact that everyone at the table wanted to see this person succeed. When we needed help with something other students were not at all hesitant to help us out!
Here was he finished product:

I was so proud of this person's accomplishment! While it was only one problem, I think it was tremendous progress over a student to being defiant and not doing their work.

EduWin #2
This past Friday we had the chance to roll out iPads to our teachers. If you do not know, I am at a new campus this year so I am having to build and establish new relationships with teachers and staff. One one teacher came to pick up their iPad, I spent a few minutes setting up their e-mail and showing them the basics of what the iPad can do. Once we were finished and they were getting ready to leave, this person told me that they felt really confident in their abilities to use technology this year. He told me that in the past, he was just "given" technology but really never used it.

As a Digital Learning Coach, we must be very careful not just to assume that a teacher knows how to use new resources that we give them. Many times this can be overwhelming to someone who has not embraced technology before. I encourage you to get to know your teachers and the level of comfort they have in using new things and to meet them at the level of their needs.


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